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We take pride in having a team of 15 talented casino and sports writers who provide you with top-notch insights into the iGaming industry. With years of experience, they offer helpful tips and well-researched reviews to ensure that you always receive the best advice. Our writers cover almost every market, including the US, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, and the UK. Meet our team and learn why they are so passionate about their work.

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Our writers follow a clear 25-step review process so they can rate casinos consistently and fairly. This process covers categories like banking and payment methods, bonuses and promotions, and the range of games available. For more information on what they look out for, head to our guide on how we rate below.

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Rounding up our team of writers and experts, we've got some of the top casino news reporters, crypto specialists, and bloggers out there. Discover who's host to a popular Vegas podcast and who's our resident sports guy.

Ramona Depares

With more than five years of experience in online gaming, Ramona has put her law degree to good use in the casino and sports betting industry, specializing in the legalities surrounding emerging and regulated markets and how the players’ interests can be best protected.

Meet Ramona

Ramona Depares

Tobi Amure

In his career, Tobi Opeyemi Amure has worked for some of the biggest iGaming and crypto companies. With over four years of experience in online casinos and seven years of experience in the crypto industry, he has worked across five markets, including the US, Canada, and New Zealand. In 2021, he was the Editor-in-chief for Watcher Guru, where he stayed abreast of crypto content.

Meet Tobi

Tobi Amure

Todd Shriber

Todd Shriber brings decades of financial expertise to Casino.org, specializing in stocks, mergers and acquisitions, and business news. Starting as a financial market reporter with Bloomberg News, he later became a trader at a long/short hedge fund. His insights into the economy and the world of finance make him one of our most trusted reporters on the subject.

Meet Todd


Devin O'Connor

Devin O’Connor is a senior reporter for Casino.org who's been on the team since 2014 following a career in pop culture and television. He's written over 5,000 articles in that time and is constantly on the lookout for the next big news story. Based in the US, Devin covers everything from gambling regulations to sports betting.

Meet Devin


Scott Roeben

Founder of internationally acclaimed blog, Vital Vegas, Scott is an industry insider with a lot of personality. He hosts a popular podcast, also called Vital Vegas, and has enjoyed a lot of success in his reporting on Sin City.

Meet Scott

Scott Roeben

Richard Janvrin

After graduating from the University of New Hampshire with a BA in Journalism, Richard has combined his passion for iGaming and sports betting with his degree. Covering the industry since 2015, Richard has written for numerous notable outlets since then, including Bleacher Report, Forbes, Pro Football Focus, and more.

Meet Richard

Richard Janvrin

Jack Garry

Jack Garry has been working in the online gaming industry for over five years. First as a successful daily fantasy sports (DFS) player and then as a writer for DFS, sports betting, sports, and casino gaming. Having spent much of his life living in Las Vegas, he has extensive knowledge of the gambling industry in the US, and all the gambling laws across the states.

Meet Jack

Jack Garry

Ziv Chen

Ziv is our Senior Casino Contributor with over two decades of experience. As a full-time writer, he covers everything online casinos and sports in the US and Canada. Ziv is a familiar face at industry events and is well-known to both operators and affiliate partners.

Meet Ziv

Ziv Chen credited author Casino.org

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